Vault 57

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Event 1 - Escape

Vault 57 was a cryogen vault, clients entered when the war started and were frozen the staff were born (with a degree of inbreeding) and raised in the vault. Each was subject to either the Vault-Tec welcome briefing or trained by Vault-Tec; whichever it was they were expecting to leave the vault and emerge into the perfect world with clear blue skies, lush green grass and white picket fences.


Woken by the staff, the newly defrosted were told to grab their belongings and run, explosions were going off and the vault was collapsing around them. They ran, struggling to support each other and get out safely with some essentials, they chanced upon a small camp called Haven where they found relative safety among some friendly wastelanders. The settlers had discovered a small ridge outside the vault that was protected by the vault’s laser turret and air filters and set up there.

Useful skills, items to trade and some firearms granted the vault-dwellers some degree of acceptance in the Haven community. After acquiring some potent moonshine and getting the generator running much drinking followed and the forging of friendships began.

Eddie, the Barkeeper, educated the newcomers in the currency of “caps” and how they could make some by scavenging useful items and bringing them back to sell. Other trading of clothing and possessions had already begun between the settlers of Haven and Vault dwellers.

The harsh light of the next morning shone upon an equally harsh irradiated landscape. The vault staff, suddenly struck by acute agoraphobia, hastily began to erect a “roof” over the camp using whatever tarpaulins they could find while the locals and vault dwellers looked on with a mix of confusion and mirth.

Dr Delaney, after losing all her patient records in the vault, ran quick psychometric tests of the vault dwellers to assess suitable for firearms, luckily most were competent enough  and desperate times call for desperate measures.

A lookout spotted some wastelanders dragging something from the ruins of the vault, they were quickly dispatched by the vault staff, eager to protect what they saw as theirs. The container had the word “GECK” inscribed on the side but upon opening it, they discovered a cut down version of the precious Garden of Eden Creation Kit. According to the Vault-Tec ads, the GECK contains all the seeds, fertilizer, and other equipment (including a cold fusion power generator and a basic replicator) needed to start a new settlement in a post-nuclear world, and when activated will collapse all matter within its given radius and recombine it to form a living, breathing, fertile landscape allowing life to begin anew. They needed to find the fully equipped GECK if there were going to rebuild the home they had all been promised.

Buzz led a small group out into the wastes, blows and bullets were exchanged with some raiders and some lessons taught about wasteland justice.

Cutter and Toe ventured out and returned with some “friends” to put into organised fights, betting with the vault dwellers on the outcome. Unexpectedly, the vault dwellers all survived their bouts and Cutter was relieved of a sizable amount of loot.

Meanwhile, the vault staff and some of the more practical vault clients constructed a simple hot water system for the camp, much to the amusement and delight of the locals.

More trips to the wasteland brought more locked supply boxes, bullet wounds, and caps back to camp. The makeshift Med Bay became very busy forcing Dr Koyobashi to find more inventive ways to keep his patients alive. Even those avoiding the combat needed medical help with exposure to toxins in the air, radiation burns, and the effects of the acid rain so Dr Delaney stepped up to assist.

As night fell, Hershey disappeared and Eddie closed the bar until his friend and barmaid was returned, that got people motivated. After running battles with the raiders responsible, Hershey was safely returned and the bar was reopened. Friends drank, rested, drank, sung, drank, healed and drank; they drank all they had and all Eddie had too.

The leader of the Over-runners gang visited and warned the group not to try to cross their territory. With a lot of high spirits and vault dwellers spoiling for a fight it wasn’t going to end well, Cutter and Madison tried to calm the situation but the Over-runners left with the simple statement that they WOULD stop anyone crossing their lands.

The next day they awoke to the news that the security systems and air filtering mechanisms around the camp had failed with the vault systems finally going fully offline, they had to move on. The fighters went back into the wastes to find the raiders seen looting the vault ruins whilst the vault staff packed up the camp. After a long chase through swamps and over hills they found the raiders’ camp abandoned and booby-trapped, they tracked the last raider down, exchanged insults and bullets, and retrieved the real GECK.

The survivors now need to cross the hostile wasteland, find and access another vault to use their power source to activate the GECK and create the world they were promised.