Vault 57

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Player Character Creation

While the original player characters were all vault dwellers, this time new players will be starting out as wastelanders.

All characters are entitled to one bag/case/crate of possessions, this can contain clothing, sentimental items and possessions, no perishable goods. You must be able to easily carry all your possessions.

As players, you need to submit:

a brief biography

2-3 areas that are your core competencies

up to 5 'in game' weapons/armour/tools

You can also choose 5 points worth of perks from the list below

Character perks

Starting Character Perks: You have 5 points to spend, enjoy.


Adrenaline Rush: (1 point) Allows a great feat of strength to be carried out when danger threatens. (once per day)


Chemist (2 points) – Means you can manufacture Drugs and Meds using basic ingredients.


Fast Metabolism (2 points) – Heals much faster but takes greater effect from Radiation and poisons.

Free Radical (2 points)– You are more resistant to the effects of Radiation


Greasemonkey (1 point) - You have the tools for the job and you’re not afraid to use them


Hard Bastard (1 point)– You can remain conscious even if your head or torso has been wounded


Double Hard Bastard (2 points) - You remain conscious enough to stagger back to camp, finish off that last enemy etc even if your head or torso is severely wounded.


Lead Belly (1 point)– Eating or drinking the irradiated food and drink of the wastes has far less effect on you


Tough guy (1 point) - You can continue to use a limb even on zero hits so you can hobble along carry on shooting etc.


Sub Dermal Armour (2 points) - You are classed as having light armour even when butt naked


Chimeric Metabolism (1 point) – You are more resistant to poisons, drugs and chems. but will gain less effect from healing medicines.


Field Medic (1 Point) – You can correctly administer treatment allowing patients to regain consciousness or be able to use injured limbs for light activities (eg. Getting back for full treatment)


Lucky Dip Bag (1 point) - A goody bag provided by Vault tec containing 3 potentially useful items.


Packing Heat (1 point) - You have a pistol, fully loaded but with no spare ammo.


Want some of this? (2 points) - Rifle/SMG or Assault rifle, fully loaded but with no spare Magazines


Not allowed sharp objects (1 point) - You have a knife or so about your personage


This is my Boomstick! (2 points) - You have a Shotgun with a dozen shells


‘Oo-er missus’ (1 point) - You have a large melee weapon.


Medipack (1 points) - Contains 3 stimpacks


Radpack (1 point) - 3 Rad Aways


Explosives (1 point) – you have 3 grenades/smoke bombs/flash bangs



Light Armour (1 point) - This could be padded or leather type armour it will prevent light melee damage from causing trauma.


Medium Armour (2 points) - This is along the lines of Stab jackets, Kevlar, Rigid body armour, Motorcyle Helmets and Riot Gear. It prevents all light and heavy melee damage from causing trauma. 


Heavy Armour (3 points) - This armour is bullet proof. The only acceptable phys rep is real bulletproof armour and military helmets. It prevents all light, heavy and ballistic damage from causing trauma.