Vault 57

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The Ethos


Roleplay – do it well


Fighting - do it theatrically


Reacting to wounds – you might be immune to damage but you ain’t immune to physics. Move damn you!


Other than this there are a few other OOC mechanisms to make the whole shabbang hold together


The Rules


Rule 1 If you can do it, then do it.  If you can’t then at least try and make it look convincing.


Rule 2 Safety first! 

You must wear approved eye-protection in every part of the game area except the car park, OOC camping area and the Settlement safe zone.


Anybody firing any kind of airsoft gun in these areas will be given one severe warning and told to leave if the warning is not heeded.  These are designated ‘safe zones’ for both game and insurance purposes.


Rule 3 OOC Calls


‘Man down’ Everyone shout this if someone is really injured, the game pauses whilst we get medical help to the injured person.


‘Time freeze’ will be very occasionally used by the refs to get crew out of the way or when triggering an in game effect that we can’t otherwise trigger remotely.


‘Time Out’ You will hear this once on Sunday afternoon and will make you sad, it is time to pack up and go home taking ALL your rubbish with you.


‘Cease Fire’ If you hear this call also shout it. Three long bursts on a whistle also means this. All airsoft guns must not be used whilst a cease fire is in place.  Basically it means a member of the public is strolling through our private woodland and ignoring all the warning signs.  A ref will escort them safely through the woods. In the meantime feel free to carry on roleplaying without shooting. Please do not use this call in game as we don’t want to have to go looking for Joe Public when they ain’t there.

The wounded character will deteriorate by 1 wound per 15 minutes. If any location drops below -2 then the character is dead!


Drugs can be administered by anyone that have them. 


A Stimpak will allow the injured area to be usable for light activity or return a person to consciousness but it does not heal the trauma. If the victim does not get proper medical help within

15 minutes the effects of their wounds will return and they will begin to deteriorate further as above. 

A Med pack can be administered only by somebody with the Field Medic perk. A med pack will allow the injured area to be usable for light activity or return a person to consciousness but it does not heal the trauma. Unlike a Stimpak however the wound is stabilised and will not deteriorate.  This allows plenty of time to receive full medical treatment.


‘Hydra’ can be applied directly to wounds that will help to heal them. These rare drugs use cutting edge technology to knit damaged tissue back together. Within 15 minutes of application the damaged area is back to ‘normal’


The Auto Doc can thankfully fix most wounds over time if operated by a skilled surgeon. None of you are skilled surgeons. Be nice to the doctor.


Other drugs exist, a full run down of drugs and effects will be provided to chemists.


Rule 7 – Some dull forum where we’ll be accused of being cliquey and elitist. We are, we don’t care.


Rule 4 Don’t be an idiot. Just don’t.


Rule 5 Damage


All Damage types comes in two parts, Shock and Trauma.


Shock is inflicted by all blows regardless of your armour.  This is non-permanent and wears off after an appropriate amount of roleplaying.  For example – you are knifed in the stomach, your medium armour stops your entrails becoming your outtrails but the force of the blow knocks the wind out of you causing you to stagger for a bit and catch your breath.


Trauma is the more lasting effect of getting hit by something designed to kill you. Trauma damage will cause a wound to the location it hits. That’s bad and hurts lots. Best that you act like it then.


Damage types


Light Melee is caused by small one-handed melee weapons.  Light melee trauma is stopped by All types of armour.


Melee – is inflicted by larger Melee weapons. Melee trauma is stopped by Medium or Heavy armour. None ballistic ranged weapons (like bows, javelins etc) are also classed as Melee damage.


Ballistic – is inflicted by bullets. It is stopped by Heavy Armour.


Explosive – Things that go boom hurt lots. Avoid these.  It goes through light and medium armour to all locations facing the explosion.


Other things can cause you harm too like poisons and radiation.  Let the doc worry about these or if you really must look at the section on radiation sickness. The effects of Poisons will be dealt with IC. If poisoned then you will feel more and more unwell – go see a professional.


Rule 6 Healing


Everyone can take one wound per location except the body which can cope with two. Some perks allow you to cope better with injuries technically allowing you to drop to zero or -1. Go you.


All trauma damage causes one wound this will render the affected limb unusable, or the victim unconscious if wounded in the head. If the body is reduced to zero then the character is immobile, conscious or unconscious it’s up to the player.